Re: Introductions (was Re: First 2023 SWICG meeting call on Fri May 19)

So many people are introducing themselves, so I feel like I should join.

Hi, I'm Kagami and am a relatively new contributor for Misskey. I'm 
interested in having a common set of server-client API among multiple 
server implementations. I'm currently trying to implement IndieAuth 
there and want to eventually try Micropub as a ground to start that.

I couldn't join the meeting today, but still I'm happy to see many 
people here!

(My activity in this area is not related to my employer and is 
completely personal, if anyone wonders)


On 17/05/2023 20:55, Evan Prodromou wrote:
> I’ll take this moment to make a self-introduction ahead of the meeting.
> My name is Evan Prodromou; I am an entrepreneur and technologist who 
> has been working on the social web since the mid-2000s.
> I’m primarily known in this community for my work as co-author of the 
> Activity Streams 2.0 and ActivityPub specifications.  I co-chaired the 
> Social Web Working Group with Arnaud and Tantek.
> I was also the founder of <>, creator of GNU 
> Social and <>, and co-author of the OStatus 
> specification.
> For the near future of ActivityPub, I’m /very/ interested in 
> developing an end-to-end encryption (E2EE) extension in-band, using 
> the media type on `content` elements. I recently published some HCI 
> research 
> <> on 
> this topic and how important it is to supporting personal 
> relationships on the social web.
> I have a social web account on . CoSocial is 
> the Mastodon cooperative that I co-founded.
> Further information about me and my work here: 
> Evan
>> On May 17, 2023, at 12:56 PM, Dmitri Zagidulin <> 
>> wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> Finding a regular meeting time slot that works with 
>> everyone continues to be an impossible task.
>> In the interest of getting momentum going, we'll be having our first 
>> SWICG call of the year this coming Friday, May 19, at 9 am EST / 6 am 
>> Pacific / 3 pm CET over at:
>> Apologies in advance to those who can't make it, let's continue the 
>> discussion on what we can do to accommodate more people (perhaps 
>> alternate biweekly calls, one on Fri and one on Saturday, etc).
>> 1) (NON-AGENDA item) Although the common first call agenda tradition 
>> is introductions, I'm wondering if we can shortcut the introduction 
>> process by doing it elsewhere, such as on the SWICG mailing list, or 
>> SocialHub forum. Otherwise there's a good chance that we'll take up 
>> the whole call with intros. :)
>> 2) Overview of the W3C Community Group process (code of conduct, 
>> governance, etc) to refresh our memories.
>> 3) Discussion and proposals for:
>> * What are the goals and current focus of SWICG
>> * What is SWICG's relationship with the other centers of community 
>> and discussion, such as SocialHub 
>>, Fediverse Enhancement Proposals 
>> (FEP), the Fedidevs Matrix chat 
>> rooms. (My view on this: We can all work together with those 
>> communities, without co-opting or interference.)
>> * Governance process for adopting Work Items. (For a good example of 
>> an existing effective Work Item Process, see the Credential Community 
>> Group's process doc: )
>> 4) Other discussion as time allows.
>> Thank you, talk to you soon.
>> Dmitri

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