Re: Thinking about Webfinger

On 7 May 2023, at 5:10, Johannes Ernst wrote:

> Now you opened up a larger issue …
> ...
> We tend to treat the data in the webfinger doc as static. As something 
> that the developer creates of the app that hosts it, and that’s what 
> that is.
> What if we treated it as a dataset that the user can augment at will? 
> E.g. can add “entirely unrelated” aliases into? So I could say, 
> for example:

That holds for any server operated by anybody but yourself, right? There is few places the participant has any authority to augment things at will.

So I cannot see the special relation to webfinger here.

Operate things yourself and you have sovereignty. There is no other way to seize responsibility and agency, is there?


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