Mastodon monoculture problem

Very good article here.  I personally like mastodon alot, but lots of good
ponts in the article and suggests some solutions

"Finally, Mastodon is currently by far (measured by active users, and by
number of instances) the most popular implementation of the ActivityPub
protocol. Every implementation has its quirks. With time, and with new
features being implemented, Mastodon’s implementation might have to drift
further away from the strict spec. It’s tempting, after all: why go through
an arduous process of standardizing any protocol extensions if you’re the
biggest kid on the block anyway?"

Proposed solution involves moving user accounts, but it doesnt take into
account that I link to from other places than the
fediverse, from solid, from nostr, from my home page, and so on.  IMHO, a
migration strategy (and we need this for solid too) would need to consider
the web as a whole, rather than single software instance.

Received on Sunday, 7 May 2023 19:59:22 UTC