Re: Monthly SWICG call times poll

Hey Melvin,
LOL those are really good points (that so much of the first meeting is
I wonder if it would be helpful (or useless) if we could front-run some of
that, and get people to intro on an email thread right before the call. Not
sure if it would save time or not :)

And you're absolutely right, one of the key questions this group is facing
is - who's interested in fixing/documenting/etc the SocialWebWG 1.0 specs,
vs extending or updating them to 2.0.

Similarly, it would be great to get an idea for whether people are
interested in the ActivityPub/ActivityStreams2 derived technology, OR also
pull in some of the unrelated projects (that are still the social web).
And maybe it would make sense to follow the lead of the CCG, and adopt task
forces or work items, with separate calls. So, we could have an AP track,
and a non-AP/broader tent track, etc.

Looking forward to the discussions!


On Thu, May 4, 2023 at 2:28 PM Melvin Carvalho <>

> čt 4. 5. 2023 v 19:30 odesílatel Dmitri Zagidulin <>
> napsal:
>> Hi everyone,
>> As discussed in the previous thread "Regular SWICG meeting and CG
>> process", there was interest in a monthly community group call.
>> Let's kick off this process (we can start with a single monthly call, and
>> during the various conversations, determine whether we want to have
>> separate calls for process/governance/general discussion and issue/PR/spec
>> triage).
>> Everyone, please fill out this Doodle poll for which times you're
>> available to hold regular monthly calls:
>> (I know, these things are annoying to fill out, but it's our best chance
>> to accommodate the maximum amount of people).
> Thanks Dmitri, this is a great initiative.
> Having done this for about 15 years, the first of these calls tends to be
> introductions.
> For some reason, with identity or the social web, there are some folks
> that enjoy talking about it.
> I recall once at TPAC we had a 2 hour social web meeting, and went round
> the room with a 60s introduction.  But the time we went round the room, the
> 2 hours time limit was up! :)
> Hopefully some adendas can be put forward.  My feeling is, and I good be
> wrong, is that there's a few different directions people want to take.
> Some to innovate and make new progress, some to keep and fix the status quo
> (as much as it can be), and a great deal of people in between.
> We probably all agree that any changes should be as backwards compatible
> as possible.
> I would guess there's a split between those wanting to work on AP 1.x and
> those wanting to work on AP 2.x.
> Hopefully these telecons can establish some high level organizational
> stuff, before drilling into fixes and details
> Looking forward to the results!
>> Dmitri

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