Survey -- observations and ideas

Some observations from the survey results:

* On balance, people here believe there are things to be done. (I wasn’t so sure before this survey!)
* On balance, people here want to do things.
* Different people want to do different things — no surprise here.
* Not too many people are willing and in the position to do “significant” work. But many are willing and able to do some work.
* Some dependencies were identified — e.g. “search” would benefit from “terms for content"
* Some of the potential work areas are controversial — as evidenced by votes both for doing it and not doing it at all. But many are not controversial.
* (I also think that some votes and comments are based on misunderstandings, but that’s okay)

So I think in the short term, we should pick one or two work areas from the list, where

* several people said they could and want to spend some, or a significant amount of work on
* nobody, or few people, objected to the work
* the work was rated as important/urgent by enough people.

Clearly, non-breaking fixes and clarifications should be done — perhaps this can be done with the existing errata process, and Evan is already on it.

For new work, to me,
 “improved security and privacy”
stands out as non-controversial, enough people feel urgency and there are some resources. Of course, we would have to determine what exactly “improved security and privacy” should actually mean here :-)

Also, lots of people want to find out why not more developers have implemented the client-to-server spec.

Perhaps we could create some informal working groups where the people participate who want to work on a particular subject? (And also make sure that they don’t work in a vacuum and have participation from people who would actually implement this.)

Your thoughts?



Johannes Ernst

Received on Saturday, 29 April 2023 20:10:16 UTC