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>> But we can make a new working group if people thought that was a good idea, and if we can get it through the process to get it chartered, no? 
>> Which could work on new versions of AS, AP, and perhaps entirely new things … some of which are identified in the survey (I’m sure the survey is missing subjects; this is the best I could do in a reasonable amount of time)
> Yes, if enough people wanted it.  But, you would need a charter for that.

Let’s do one thing at a time. So far, I am feeling largely undirected Brownian motion in the group but with an energy level that’s not zero, which is good.

Hopefully, the survey will help us with identifying some of the currents and their directions, and who wants to be part of which current.

Then we can see whether there is enough critical mass in any one, two, or 27 directions to actually “do something”. And if so, we can decide what that is. Such as attempting to get a group chartered, or 2 or 27 :-) and with what objective.

[sorry for my horrible physics analogy]



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