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st 12. 4. 2023 v 12:45 odesílatel Kevin Marks <> napsal:

> Attacking DNS is a perpetual red herring here, and enda up with Zooko's
> triangle failure modes a bit like that URL. You have either alternative
> resolver roots that are more proprietary than DNS, content addresses that
> are fugly, or more fragile key management models with worse failure modes.
> DNS is a success.

I'd like to debunk the concept of Zooko's triangle.

Zooko's Triangle highlights the trade-offs between three desirable
qualities of a naming system: security, human-meaningful, and
decentralized. Though it does not directly address the issue of overloading
an identifier to do multiple things.

Overloading an identifier to do more than one thing violates the principle
of single responsibility, which states that an identifier should have only
one reason to change. This makes the code harder to understand, reason
about, and maintain. Over time, this can lead to a lack of scalability,
making it difficult to modify and extend the system.

Leaky abstractions are another issue with overloading identifiers. When an
identifier is used for multiple purposes, it can become ambiguous and
difficult to use correctly. This can result in unexpected behavior, bugs,
and a decrease in system performance.

Linked data can help address these issues by providing a standard means for
describing data and relationships between resources. By using unique
identifiers for each resource, and explicitly stating the relationships
between them, linked data provides a clear and consistent way to represent
information. This helps prevent the need for overloading identifiers and
reduces ambiguity in the system.

For example, instead of using a single identifier for both a user's email
address and username, we could use distinct URIs for each resource, and
link them together using RDF or JSON. This allows us to clearly express the
relationship between the two resources, and to reason about their behavior

While overloading an identifier to do multiple things may seem like a
convenient shortcut, it ultimately leads to leaky abstractions and
scalability issues. By using distinct identifiers and linking them together
using web standard like linked data or even JSON, we can build more
maintainable, scalable, and understandable systems.

> On Wed, 12 Apr 2023, 11:17 Melvin Carvalho, <>
> wrote:
>> Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, recently spoke about the need for an
>> international native protocol for social media. He also announced his plans
>> to start funding social protocols, beginning with a $1 million annual
>> donation to Signal. There is an ongoing discussion around reducing social
>> media's dependence on the domain name system. While a federated approach is
>> better than a centralized one, nomadic identity could provide even greater
>> benefits. This can potentially be achieved by fixing the ActivityPub
>> standard to allow inverse functional properties and also by addressing
>> issues with the linked data vocabularies. It would be valuable to discuss
>> these ideas and explore potential solutions further within the context of
>> the community group.

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