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> On Apr 5, 2023, at 20:03, Bob Wyman <> wrote:
> You wrote:
>> [Search] is probably far less a technical problem than one of successful communication
> I think there are more issues associated with "search" than you suggest.

Not meaning to downplay the technical issues. Just meaning to raise the issue that a technical-only solution to “search” is likely not going to be successful, and the communications component may be more important as the history of attempting to provide search functionality in the Fediverse by various parties illustrates I would think. (“Search? What an outrage!”)

IMHO “Search” would be a logical project that we could start here, form a sub-group of people who are interested in the subject, work on it for a bit and report back how it could look like. They would take all your points, and more, into account, and make a proposal for technology / protocols / standardization / governance / … whatever is needed, including how to get user acceptance.

Not sure which of the items on the list wish list are of interest to who, and how many people here, which is why I’m thinking we should do a poll.



Johannes Ernst

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