Re: Proposal ideas for Activity Streams 3 Standard

On Sat, Apr 1, 2023 at 10:22 AM a <> wrote:

> > NNTP-like conversations, which aren't really supported today by
> ActivityPub since ActivityPub roots all "threads" on individuals, while
> NNTP divides the conversation space by subject.
> i'm not entirely familiar with NNTP, but you could model conversations
> using the `context` property. it is "intentionally vague", but there is
> FEP-7888 trying to make it less vague. there is nothing inherent to AS2/AP
> that says we have to construct conversations using `inReplyTo` chains;

Also, in practice the fediverse is already happily hosting conversations
that aren't based around individuals. There's an entire AP-based Reddit
clone, Lemmy <>, that structures conversations into
groups and uses the AS2 Group actor type


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