Re: ISSUE-141: Last Call Comment: almost-duplicate examples

Here is a draft response to Michael on ISSUE-141, comments welcome.

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Dear Michael, 

Thank you for your detailed and helpful comments. In response to your
comment below:

On Tue, Sep 30, 2008 at 11:47:27AM +0000, SWD Issue Tracker wrote:
> ISSUE-141: Last Call Comment: almost-duplicate examples
> Raised by: Alistair Miles
> On product: SKOS
> Raised by Michael Schneider in [1]:
> """
> The whole document contains several such cases, where two or even more very
> similar examples are given. If you haven't done so already, you might consider
> whether this is good practice, and perhaps decide to drop all those
> "almost-duplicates".
> """

We realise that, for those with experience of logics and entailment,
such example may appear trivial and redundant. However, many readers
of the SKOS Reference will not have extensive experience of logical
entailment, and hence we have included these almost-duplicate examples
to provide a clear illustration of the simple entailments that follow
from the SKOS data model for these readers.

We propose to retain these examples, can you live with this?

Kind regards,


> [1]

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