Comment: ISSUE-74

Problem setting:
I try to use the SKOS mapping relation for the following application
- Documents are indexed using a limited number of (classifying) concept
thesauri (CCT)
- Products provide user interfaces using several (small) product (specific)
taxonomies (PST)
- Terms of the product taxonomies are mapped to the concept thesauri using a
logical combination
  (using combinations of boolean "NOT", "OR" and "AND" and of grouping
operator: () ) between thesauri concepts
- It seems the mapping described above between product taxonomy and
(classifying) thesauri is not expressed in SKOS.
  The semantic relationship only allows to express simple 1-1 relationships,
  not a relationship from 1 (PST) term to a boolean function f on (CCT)
  Am I overlooking something here ?
  The way I was thinking about this was:
  - a class OneOnManyMappingRelationShip
    - subclasses ExactRelationship, BroaderMatch, NarrowerMatch,
RelatedMatch (= exhaustive enumeration of disjoint subclasses)
  - a property: mappedConcept, functional, domain =
OneOnManyMappingRelationShip, range = skos:Concept
  - a class ConceptExpression, a subclass of rdf:Bag and with
    - subclasses Conjunction, Disjunction and Negation
  - a property expressionMember with domain ConceptExpression and range
ConceptExpression U(nion) skos:Concept
    the property has an (exact) cardinality restriction of 1 on the Negation
Follow-up question:
- if I am not overlooking the way SKOS could do this differently, then I
need to extend SKOS for my application.
  How should I do this?

Thanks for advice.

Kind Regards,
   Johan De Smedt
mobile: +32 477 475 934

Received on Sunday, 2 March 2008 12:34:32 UTC