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RE: ISSUE-72: ExactMatchTransitive

From: Sini, Margherita (KCEW) <Margherita.Sini@fao.org>
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2008 17:23:39 +0200
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I believe yes.


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Subject: ISSUE-72: ExactMatchTransitive

ISSUE-72: ExactMatchTransitive


Raised by: Alistair Miles
On product: SKOS

Currently, skos:exactMatch is not defined as a transitive property. However,
it would seem reasonable and useful to define skos:exactMatch as transitive,
which would mean e.g. that the graph:

<A> skos:exactMatch <B>.
<B> skos:exactMatch <C>.

... would entail:

<A> skos:exactMatch <C>.

Should skos:exactMatch be transitive?
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