ISSUE-84: ConstructionOfSystematicDisplaysFromGroupings

ISSUE-84: ConstructionOfSystematicDisplaysFromGroupings

Raised by: Antoine Isaac
On product: All

>From [1]:

> I propose the following section of the SKOS Semantics wiki draft as resolution
of ISSUE-33 "Grouping Constructs" [2]:
> This section implements the "Minimal Fix" proposal [2], with a few additional
> axiomatic triples to make explicit the OWL typing of properties and the
> disjointness of skos:Collection and skos:ConceptScheme.
> Note that this section does not address the issue of constructing a systematic
> hierarchical display, but delegates this responsibility to the SKOS Primer.
> Note also that the SKOS Primer section on grouping constructs is yet to be 
>done, and that in particular I have not met Antoine's concerns below regarding
> nested collections.
> However, I suggest we accept this resolution for now (because it does fix the
> actual issue), and raise a new issue regarding the representation and 
> construction of systematic hierarchical displays.

(Antoine's comment on nested collections are at [3])

Now from [4] (no need to thank me Alistair ;-p)

> However, in the absence of any presentational information, there could be a
> default method of constructing a systematic display. To handle SKOS grouping
> constructs, this would require an algorithm which is *fairly* sophisticated -
> certainly not straightforward to a novice hacker. The onus is on me to provide
> a reference implementation :)

This was reflected in [5]:

>(Statement 2) The SWDWG MAY publish an algorithm to generate a default 
> thesaurus systematic display from an RDF graph using the SKOS vocabulary.
> However, applications are not required to use the algorithm, and MAY use any
> means to convey information required to construct a thesaurus systematic 

The current Primer [6] in its section on Collections of Concepts (4.1) does not
propose anything:

>  A systematic (hierarchical) display can then be generated including the
> concept grouping "milk by source animal", as presented in the example 
>introducing this sub-section. The skos:broader hierarchy and the collection 
>membership information can be used for this, but the process still requires a 
>dedicated algorithm, the implementation of which is left to specific 
> applications.

Shall we change this? 


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