Re: [SKOS] ISSUE-33 "Minimal Fix" Proposal


I still wonder whether something should be added to [1] to fully convince me. I've 
looked at the intuitive description of the algorithm that is presented 
in there to insert nodes in the hierarchy, and it is really unclear 
about how it should deal with nested node labels. Indeed I'm pretty sure 
that the current description fails at giving a good strategy for them...

I would propose that the proposal gives an idea about how to insert node 
labels in the hierarchy when we have situations as complex as:
Styles and Periods
   <styles and periods by region>
       <The Islamic World>
           <Islamic World dynastic styles and periods>
                Orthodox Caliphate
(taken from [2])



> Hi all,
> I've written up a possible resolution to ISSUE-33: GroupingConstructs on the SWDWG wiki, see:
> <>
> Note that I am not necessarily endorsing this proposal. This is a proposal which attempts to fix the issue with the minimum amount of change to the current SKOS specifications. There may, however, be good reasons for making more substantial changes, which are hinted at in the discussion. I'll try to write up some alternatives asap.
> Cheers,
> Alistair.
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