Deprecated SKOS Vocabulary

I've had a long standing action next to my name to propose a way to
handle deprecated properties. This is related to the task of producing
an RDF schema -- in particular whether we include the deprecated
properties as instances of, for example, owl:DeprecatedProperty.

The deprecated vocabulary should be documented somewhere (in
Reference), but I do not see a great advantage in including the
vocabulary in the RDF schema. Rather, I would see that it could lead
to additional "clutter" in the schema. As this is the first "official"
description of the vocabulary, I would like to start with as clean a
slate as possible.

So, my proposal is that we include a section in the Reference that
details the deprecated vocabulary from the original schema, but that
we do *not* include the deprecated properties in the RDF schema.

This does have the effect that there will be vocabulary elements in
the SKOS namespace in use in some legacy vocabularies that are not
explicitly defined in the RDF schema. There is a question as to
whether we consider this to be a problem.

A related question here concerns the namespace of the SKOS vocabulary.
I think there is an implicit assumption that we will continue to use
the namespace for the vocabulary.
I see no strong argument for changing this (and arguments for not
changing it -- for example to ensure that existing SKOS content and
applications continue to work), but thought that it would be useful
to at least have this explicitly stated.



Sean Bechhofer
School of Computer Science
University of Manchester

Received on Monday, 7 April 2008 12:05:35 UTC