Meeting record: 2007-10-23 SWD telecon (Table of contents)


The [1] record of today's SWD WG telecon is (or will be soon) ready for review. The current link still shows the draft version, but the edited record is in Ralph's hands and will hopefully be uploaded soon.


A text copy of the edited minutes is being sent as a separate message because of length.  Please refer to it for actionable URLs.  My email program deemed the body of this message too long during my first attempt to send the minutes and TOC as one document.  

The next telecon is scheduled for Tuesday, 30 October, 1500 UTC (note that the time will be altered by one hour for London, Amsterdam due to time change).

1. [8] Actions from pre-Amsterdam telecon (Oct 2)
2. [9] Admin
3. [10] SWD review of "Cool URIs for the Semantic Web"
4. [11] SKOS
5. [12] RDFa
6. [13] Recipes
7. [14] Vocabulary management

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Antoine to formulate 3 resolutions for Amsterdam topic
   Concept Semantics posted to the list. as a basis for amending
   meeting record. [recorded in
[NEW] ACTION: Antoine to list decisions made about concept scheme
   [recorded in
[NEW] ACTION: Ben to prepare draft implementation report for RDFa
   (with assistance from Michael) [recorded in
[NEW] ACTION: Guus to post an interpretation of the Amsterdam
   discussion of isDefinedBy [recorded in
[NEW] ACTION: Tom to amend proposals to for accepting minimal
   relation labels [recorded in

[PENDING] ACTION: Ben and Michael to address comments by Tom
   [regarding maintenance of wiki document
   [63]] recorded in
[PENDING] ACTION: Ben to update RDFa schedule in wiki
   [recorded in
[PENDING] ACTION: Dan to ask apache about conditional redirects
   [recorded in
[PENDING] ACTION: Diego to recast Recipe 6 [recorded in
[PENDING] ACTION: Guus to post user experience reports for ISSUE-25
   [recorded in
[PENDING] ACTION: Guus/Tom to propose joint decisions for reviews
   for major [RDFa] steps/transition requests. Informal agreement about
   working drafts. [recorded in
[PENDING] ACTION: Guus/Tom to solicit reviewers for the Recipes
   document. [recorded in
[PENDING] ACTION: Jon to add words that acknowledge the existence of
   RDFa as potential mechanisms, but it's out of scope here. [recorded
   in [72]]
[PENDING] ACTION: Jon to make changes as proposed [with regard to
   Issue-23] [recorded in
[PENDING] ACTION: Ralph propose resolution to ISSUE-16 "Default
   behavior" [recorded in
[PENDING] ACTION: Guus to write up the issue [of Label Resource] and
   add to the issue list. [recorded in
[PENDING] ACTION: Alistair to update semantics document to listing
   ways in which SKOS diverges from OWL DL [recorded in
[PENDING] ACTION: Ralph to come up with a URI for wiki page [for
   Recipes implementations] [recorded in
[PENDING] ACTION: Ralph/Diego to work on Wordnet implementation [of
   Recipes] [recorded in
[PENDING] ACTION: TF leaders to prepare a version of Recipes for
   review in December [recorded in
[PENDING] ACTION: Vit and Elisa to include in the document all the
   target sections plus an allocation of sections to people and
   potentially a standard structure for sections [recorded in

[DONE] ACTION: Alistair to state the difference between the two
   flavours of the SimpleExtension proposal for issue 26 [recorded in
[DONE] ACTION: all to register (indicate also that you're not
   planning to attend and/or want to attend via telecon) [recorded in
[DONE] ACTION: Antoine to make wiki page or list posting summarizing
   issues for "Concept Semantics" [recorded in
[DONE] ACTION: Antoine to review RDFa Primer before next telecon
   (within two weeks). [recorded in
[DONE] ACTION: Ben to send formal request to send mail proposing
   Draft of RDFa Syntax and Publish new version of RDFa Primer, both on
   REC track) [recorded in
[DONE] ACTION: Diego, Ed and Justin to review RDFa syntax document
   prior to f2f [recorded in
[DONE] ACTION: Elisa to ask for feedback on VM draft [recorded in
[DONE] ACTION: Guus to email a proposal to the list about Issue-36
   ConceptSchemeContainment [recorded in
[DONE] ACTION: Guus to move ISSUE-26 forward [recorded in


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