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On Tue, Oct 02, 2007 at 02:56:04PM +0200, Hausenblas, Michael wrote:
> Ok. I am available on Monday 8 Oct till about 17:00 CET on
> IRC and phone. If you wish so, I'll certainly lead the
> discussion

17:00 CET on Monday is perfect - it follows on
the discussion of Vocabulary Management:

2007-10-08 Monday
    AM    RDFa
    PM    SKOS
          -- Labeling properties (Alistair)
          -- Semantic relation properties (Sean)
    16:00 Vocabulary Management (Vit, with Elisa remotely)
    17:00 Review of Cool URIs (Michael remotely)

2007-10-09 Tuesday
    AM    SKOS
          -- Concept semantics (Antoine)
          -- Label relations (Guus)
          -- Drawing the picture (all)
    PM    Recipes

> As my first action on this task I'd like to propose to
> exclude all editorial-only issues. I understand that Leo and
> his colleagues are collecting a bunch of comments, hence it 
> makes no sense to actually go into detail about correct citation, etc.

That sounds reasonable.

> Leo asked in [2] for statements like
> >>"the SWD reviewed the document and we think these points need to be
> changed:
> >> wrong information (errors, wrong interpretation of W3C decisions):
> >> A, B, C
> >> these points may be done to make the document more readable:
> >> D, E, F"
> and this is exactly what I plan to deliver to him as an output
> of our discussion, along with the content (details) of the Wiki page.

Very good.


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