RE: Meeting record: 2007-11-20 SWD telecon

At 01:01 PM 11/24/2007 +0000, Reul, Q. H. wrote:
>You are absolutely correct. It was the update of the document to show how skos concepts are different from owl classes that was dropped as defined below.
>> <scribe> *ACTION:* Alistair and Guus write draft section in primer on
>> relationship between SKOS concepts and OWL classes for OWL DL users
>> [recorded in]
>> <scribe> *ACTION:* Alistair to update semantics document to listing ways
>> in which SKOS diverges from OWL DL [recorded in
>>] *[DROPPED]*

I have updated the Web copy to reflect these corrections.  I made
a few other corrections to the Summay of Action Items [1] as well,
summarized in the change log.

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