meeting record: 2007-11-15 RDFa Task Force

The record of today's RDFa task force telecon [1] is now available.



   1. ISWC
   2. Action Review
   3. follow-your-nose
   4. whitespace canonicalization
   5. @instanceof

RESOLVED plain literals are normalized using XPath normalized-space

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Ben check that browsers do preserve whitespace in attribute values [recorded in]

[NEW] ACTION: Ben followup with Fabien on getting his RDFa GRDDL transform transferred to W3C [recorded in]

[NEW] ACTION: Michael check that HTML spec says to preserve whitespace in attribute values [recorded in]

[PENDING] ACTION: Ben to add status of various implementations on [recorded in]

[PENDING] ACTION: Ben to set up a proper scribe schedule [recorded in]

[PENDING] ACTION: Michael to create "Microformats done right -- unambiguous taxonomies via RDF" on the wiki [recorded in]

[DONE] ACTION: Ben enter Ivan's concerns in as issues in tracker [recorded in]

[DONE] ACTION: Michael and Manu investigate with Ivan the implementation of the test case validator proposal on [recorded in]
[DROPPED] ACTION: Steven propose an adaptation of the CSS whitespace rules to incorporate into the Syntax document [recorded in]

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