Re: [SKOS] Resolutions on concept semantics (ISSUE-54)


I have shortened the OWL-and-SKOS pattern wiki page I had created, if 
this can be of some help for working on [1]. the material is at

There are obvious links between the patterns there and the ones you 
propose in [1]
Solution 1 is clearly the "overlay" solution
Solution 2 is the "transform", assuming that users go for the "bridging" 
solutions you've let open in your draft.
Solution 3 is very much related to your "Formal / Semi-Formal Hybrids"
Solution 4 is actually on a different level, since it makes the 
distinction between distinct OWL entities we would like to SKOSify: 
owl:Classes, and the others. This could seem a secondary problem, but 
actually corresponds to some cases that were mentioned on the mailing list.


> Finally, I have checked my scriblings for the F2F meeting [3]. I think 
> I could simplify it a lot: some variants are actually less 
> interesting, and not supported by their initial promotors (e.g. Daniel 
> with the skos:Entity thing ;-)
> I will try to do this. Not to have my graphs forced into your section 
> ;-) but because I'd like to be sure in the end that all the pros and 
> cons I listed are taken into account (if they are indeed relevant)
> Sorry if I'm too picky here...
> Cheers,
> Antoine
> [1] 
> <> 
> [2] 
> [3]

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