Re: [ALL] Agenda - Dec 11 2007 SWD telecon - 1600 UTC

Hi all,
> ACTION: Antoine to come up with a revised Conceptual Mapping proposal based on the comments received [recorded in]

[1] has the link to it.

Beyond the core proposal (which is to move [1] to the SKOS reference, 
apart perhaps from the discussion sections) there are two sub-proposals.

PROPOSAL 1: No statement is made here about subsumption links between 
subproperties of skos:mappingRelation (e.g. skos:exactMatch 
rdfs:subPropertyOf skos:broadMatch). This is left to a NEW ISSUE on 
Semantics of mapping relations.
No other statement statement is made here about OWL-semantics of mapping 
links, such as e.g. the transitivity of skos:exactMatch, 
skos:broadMatch, skos:narrowMatch and the symmetry of skos:relatedMatch. 
These problems should be dealt with by a new ISSUE on Semantics of 
mapping relations, which should be resolved in accordance to ISSUE-44 
Semantic conditions, inconsistent examples, entailment rules and 
syntactic constraints are also left to the resolution of a new ISSUE on 
Semantics of mapping relations.

PROPOSAL 2: a NEW ISSUE is raised on mapping links between conceptual 
entities that are not of type skos:Concept




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