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[Fwd: Please take the W3C Technical Plenary Survey by 17 March.]

From: Guus Schreiber <schreiber@cs.vu.nl>
Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2006 16:28:58 +0100
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Subject: Please take the W3C Technical Plenary Survey by 17 March.
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(Chairs: please forward to all Groups members who participated in the 
2006 Tech Plenary Week)

Dear Participants in W3C Technical Plenary Week,

We very much appreciate your participation in last week's face-to-face 
Group meetings and Technical Plenary Day in Mandelieu [1].  Almost 350 
people (the most ever at a TP in France) associated with over 30 W3C 
Groups congregated in southern France for the 6th edition of this annual 
event. From the work in the meeting rooms and the discussions in the 
hallways, the value of face-to-face communications within and between 
Groups is quite clear.  The successes achieved during the week were a 
tribute to your skill, effort and engagement, as well as a tribute to 
the TP Day Program Committee, W3C Team, and especially to the conference 
organizer Coralie Mercier and her colleagues.  Thanks to all!

Please take a moment to complete a short meeting survey ...


... to express your level of satisfaction.  The survey focuses on the 
program during the Technical Plenary Day (Wednesday 1 March).  However, 
there are a few questions at the top of the survey that would be 
applicable to all attendees.

The deadline for responding is midnight Eastern time, Friday 17 March. 
If you need help correlating the titles of the presentations listed in 
the survey with your memories of the day, please consult the TP agenda ...


Your feedback will be used to further improve the next Tech Plenary week 
and joint Advisory Committee Meeting, which will be held in Cambridge, 
Massachusetts, USA during 4 - 10 November 2007.

Very Best Wishes for Continued Success,


PS:  I apologize again for the network problems last Monday and Tuesday 
[2].  A complete report will be sent in the coming week.

[1] Mtg Page - http://www.w3.org/2005/12/allgroupoverview.html
[2] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/chairs/2006JanMar/0075.html

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