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Re: [RDFTM] Concall minutes posted

From: Lars Marius Garshol <larsga@ontopia.net>
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 11:54:19 +0200
To: public-swbp-wg@w3.org
Message-ID: <m3slw6y7uc.fsf@pavarotti.intern.opera.no>

* Ralph R. Swick
| Very sorry to hear that Steve has been out.  I wish him well.

Thank you.
| Please post all your meeting records to this mailing list so they
| become a part of the persistent W3C record.  An HTML attachment of
| the document from your Web site is fine.

Okay. Below are the minutes from the 2005-09-14 concall:

   * Who is to become new TF leader while Steve is off?
      * Valentina is new leader
      * Valentina will attend WG telecons
      * LM will support Valentina whenever necessary

   * New rule for internal TF communication
      * Switch to using SWBPD mailing list as much as possible

   * Creating wiki pages for discussion about:
      * UseOfQModel
         * discussion postponed to next concall
         * meanwhile, Valentina to post to list asking for input from WG
      * HandlingIdentity
      * HandlingNames
      * HandlingNaryRelationships

   * Who is going to be main author of the final document?
      * Valentina

Action points:

   * Lars: post the SWBPD about the semantics of rdfs:label
   * Valentina: "try" to fill the sections on issues that have been decided
   * Lars: post to the list about minutes and TF leader change
   * Valentina: post to SWBPD list to ask for input on formalism
   * Lars: write initial content for UseOfQModel
   * Valentina: write initial content for Handling* wiki pages
   * Fabio, Nicola, Lars, Valentina: write at least one comment on
   each of the new wiki pages
   * Valentina: write agenda proposal for next meeting

Next concall:

   * Wednesday, 2005-09-21, at 1500

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