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Re: [MM] comments on "Image Annotation on the SW" revision 1.18

From: RaphaŽl Troncy <Raphael.Troncy@cwi.nl>
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 14:00:06 +0200
Message-ID: <4360C146.5B008A44@cwi.nl>
To: jjc@hpl.hp.com
CC: public-swbp-wg@w3.org

Dear Jeremy,

> here are some comments on the version as of 17th October 15:12 version
> 1.18

Thanks for your advanced comments. You will find inline some answers to
these remarks.
Please note that the working draft [1] should be ready for review on
Thursday, 27th of October.

[...] skip

> Other issues that are not at detail level
> =========================================
> There should be one references section not two.
> All references in this document are informative. I suggest the
> references section should have the title "References"

We have grouped and ordered all the references into one section which has
now the title "References".

> There are many links in this document to other resources. This is good,
> however there are the following issues:
> - what are the license terms of ontologies, software and tools linked
> to.
> - if they are redistributable, should we make a copy of them to avoid
> later problems of stale links
> - to what extent are the links an endorsement of these approaches. I
> think overall it's OK, but maybe we should add some sort of disclaimer.

We have add such a disclaimer. The vocabularies [1], tools [2] and other
resources [3] are now listed in separates documents. These pages are link to
from the working draft document, but also from all MM TF pages.  These pages
are intended as living documents, that get updated frequently to add new
material when relevant.  (they are not versioned like documents in TR
space).  CWI has resources (in the context of the European NoE "K-Space") to
maintain these pages for at least the next 4 years, so CWI is willing to
commit to the active maintenance of these pages.

> I think there is a deeper issue to do with how some sections of this
> document are a snapshot today of currently interesting web resources, a
> bit like a portal, except that this document will not be maintained, and
> this list will date.

This is true and that justifies our decision to keep documents separate (see

> Detail
> ======
> Abstract
> --------
> suggest change "however, will be addressed in a future document"
> to "are not addressed in this document"
> The current text is a hope, suggested replacement is a fact,

The text has been adapted and now refers to the interoperability document.

> 1. Introduction
> suggest change:
> "not based on Semantic Web technology, either because it predates the
> Semantic Web or for other reasons."
> to
> "not based on Semantic Web technology often because it predates the
> Semantic Web."

The text has been modified as you suggest.

> 1.2 Semantic Web Basics
> Suggest adding
> 5. The Semantic Web is a World Wide system, and addresses some
> issues concerning internationalization, for example, the use of
> language tags to make the natural language used in metadata explicit,
> and to permit metadata in multiple languages simultaneously.

Good point. We have added this item in the Semantic Web basics.

> Use case: Management of Personal Digital Photo Collections
> (A number of english errors, text here is copy, paste and corrected)
> Suggested text:
> [[
> Advances in digital technologies (cameras, computers, storage,
> communication etc) have caused a huge increase of digital multimedia
> information captured stored and distributed by personal users over the
> web. Digital formats now provide the most cheap, safe and easy way to
> broadly capture, store and deliver multimedia content. Many personal
> users have thousands of photos (from vacations, parties, traveling,
> conferences, everyday life etc), usually stored in several resolutions
> on the hard disk of their computers in a simple directory structure
> without any metadata. Ideally, the user wants to easily access this
> content, view it, create presentations, use it in his homepage, deliver
> it over the Internet to other people, make part of it accessible for
> other people or even sell part of it to image banks etc. Too often,
> however, the only way for this content to be accessed is by browsing the
> directories, the name of which usually provides the date and describes
> with one or two words the original event captured by the specific
> photos. Obviously, this access becomes more and more difficult since the
> number of photos increases everyday and the content will quickly become
> practically unaccessible.
> ]]

Thanks for correcting the many typos. The entire paragraph has been

> Use case: Media Production Services
> Suggest replace
> "make use of the Semantic Web technologies"
> with
> "make use of Semantic Web technologies"

We have again rephrased as you have suggested.

> Hope this is helpful

Sure it is ... Thanks again.


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