Re: [RDFTM] n-ary relations vocabulary

Sorry for the delay, I have something - let me give it another pass before 
releasing it.  Actually, the main problem with it at the moment is the 
lack of documentation. 


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Re: [RDFTM] n-ary relations vocabulary

Dear Christopher,

as you know, the RDFTM TF has to address the issue of Topic Maps 
associations and RDF n-ary relations translation. 
To this aim we need to define a vocabulary in order to make users able to 
express the kind of result they want in the target paradigm.
Given that you are defining a vocabulary for expressing n-ary relations in 
RDF, we concluded that the best thing to do is to use the same vocabulary,
and that a collaboration between us on its definition would be useful for 

What do you think about sharing your document draft (if any) and 
collaborating on it?
If you don't have such draft yet we can organize to set it up together and 
start working on it.

Many thanks for your collaboration.

Best regards,

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