[WNET] Minutes of Telecon Wednesday 23rd Feb

here you find a resume of the minutes from Wednesday's telco. Please 
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Minutes of the WNET TF Telecon Wednesday 23rd Feb
Participants: Aldo Gangemi, Brian McBride, Andreas Harth, Nicoletta 
Calzolari, Nancy Ide, Monica Monachini
Regrets: Libby Miller, Christiane Fellbaum, Alessandro Oltramari

The following two points have been discussed:

1) Advancement of WN2.0 datamodel (last version uploaded on WNET 
page), and related note
2) Relations to ISLE-MILE Working Group (hosts: Nicoletta Calzolari, Nancy Ide)

A third point was proposed:

3) Reengineering WordNet as a formal lexicon (ontology), and proposal 
for an Open Formal Lexicon initiative

but no time was left to discuss it.

For quoted documents, see http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/BestPractices/WNET/.

Re: (1)
- Brian proposes to maintain the datamodel in OWL, as it is now (RDFS 
is exported automatically with several tools)
- Brian to join refinement and note editing in some weeks, Aldo to 
keep lead and drafting the note in the meantime
- After Ian Dickinson's request about a marked up dataset of the 
whole WordNet, Andreas Harth volunteers to use the current datamodel 
to import it. Some issues remain on the actual transform to be used 
from Prolog DB to OWL-RDF: 1) is synset_with_word OWL:SameIndividual 
as word_sense? not trivial to encode in the OWL datamodel, if it 
should stay in OWL-DL; 2) "supersense" info existing only in 
Lexicographers' DB (got after Brian's question from Massi Ciaramita) 
- further checking with Christiane when Alessandro Oltramari will be 
in Princeton next month
- Nicoletta asks about possible integration with EuroWordNet 
datamodel. Aldo notes this would be a natural evolution, in order to 
get multilinguality

Re: (2)
- MILE datamodel encoded by ISLE Working Group, in RDFS by Nancy, 
recently ported to OWL by Aldo. Available on the WNET page. Monica 
just sent sample lexical entries that use an extension of MILE
- Nicoletta introduces MILE, a lexical datamodel that is supposed to 
subsume WordNet one. It encodes also syntactic and (linguistic) 
semantic data. Currently evolving to a proposed ISO standard (ISO 
"Lexicon Working Group"). Current ongoing liaisons with W3C 
"Pronounciation Lexicon" Working Group
- Nicoletta willing to bring the possible liaison to WNET TF at the 
next ISO meeting
- Brian asks what's the time scale of the ISO WG. Nicoletta: 2 years 
expected, but a draft exists.
- Nancy: usable for all semantic lexicons, but wider scope: 
phonology, syntax ...
- Aldo: in principle, semantics can be relevant and usable in SW for 
all linguistic metadata
- Brian wonders what strong motivations for a liaison
- Nicoletta: info from/for different linguistic layers
- Aldo: alignment of various datamodels of lexica (EWN, FrameNet, 
SIMPLE), as well as for integration with thesauri (cf SKOS)
- Brian: W3C requires public availability: is that ok with ISO?
- Nicoletta/Nancy: OK for MILE, to be decided at next meeting for ISO evolution


1) Aldo to update WordNet 2.0 datamodel W3C note (tentatively March 15th)
2) Andreas to report on first results of porting Prolog DB to OWL-RDF 
according to datamodel
3) Nancy/Nicoletta/Monica to improve OWL version of MILE with 
documentation and updates
4) Aldo to attend next SWBPD telecon to call for a discussion on ISO 
Lexicon Group liaison, and to suggest a f2f discussion on that, and 
on W3C interest in supporting the proposal mentioned at (3) [done at 
the time of minutes editing: SWBPD f2f in Boston will possibly 
discusss them]


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