Re: [ALL] Agenda 24 Feb WG telecon

* Guus Schreiber <> [2005-02-23 20:33+0100]

> 1. ADMIN (15 min)
> Roll call
> Regrets:  Carroll, Nguyen

also DanBri; I'm flying to Boston.
> 3.1 PORT (Alistair)
> ACTION: Al to run pubrules checker on SKOS Core Guide ; Ralph will help.
> ACTION: Ralph to link SKOS Core Guide from home page more prominently.
> - review of Quick Guide and Vocab Soec document

I can't make it, but do please consider question of putting 
Guide and Core specs out at same time. 

> I have become more than a little concerned with the references from
> the Guide to the Spec as I've been doing due-diligence on the request
> to publish the Guide as a Working Draft.  I think that any reasonable
> reviewer of the Guide will want to follow the references to the Spec.
> If the Spec is not ready to be published for whatever reason then
> I no longer think the WG should be requesting to publish the Guide
> independently.
I'm convinced now. As much by the positive case as re concerns. By
having the two go out at the same time, we'll be in a position to get
slashdotted etc. and not look half-ready.

Also I propose to the TF some things we might agree, re our decision on 
targetting Note vs suspicion we might have REC-worthy material:

My SKOS core review is :

Specifically it asks for Ralph's review of the namespace policy stuff
(since it makes claims about a w3c hosted namesace) and proposes some

Hope this helps. Basically I think SKOS Core is pretty close...

Sorry I will miss the telecon. See some of you soon,


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