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Thanks for comments, Ian
[I've changed the header for to avoid confusion: you're discussing 
the datamodel, not OntoWordNet]

At 10:17 +0000 23-02-2005, Dickinson, Ian John (HP Labs, Bristol, UK) wrote:
>Hello Aldo,
>You wrote:
>>  second message for new [WNET] files.
>>  This message is about a new version of the WordNet datamodel
>>  that we started modelling months ago. First versions were
>>  encoded by Guus Schreiber and Brian McBride. This version
>>  (3) has been enlarged, commented, and checked after the
>>  original WordNet specifications by me. It's downloadable from:
>I can see the data model in the download directory, but the data model
>isn't much practical use without the data. Do you have a version of
>wordnet in OWL, marked-up using the datamodel schema you provide? If so,
>where can it be downloaded from?

not yet: we'll discuss it at today's telecon ... I think it's quite 
straightforward, requiring a basic transform from the original tables 
into owl-rdf

>>  Extensive documentation from original sources, and about the work
>carried out,
>>  is contained in the OWL file.
>It is certainly true that each property and named class has an
>rdfs:comment, but I found it rather hard from these isolated comments to
>get an overall picture of the datamodel you have proposed, and the way
>that the properties and classes interrelate. Part of the problem is that
>(for reasons I well understand) the OWL file does not list the component
>classes and predicates in any sort of sensible narrative order. I would
>encourage you to provide some additional overview documentation, to
>present the ontology in a more coherent way.

you're right ... an overall picture can be got from the original 
wordnet site, but documentation of the owl datamodel is going to be 
included in the TF note we are expected to produce shortly



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