Re: [SE] ODA Editors Draft - For Group Review


The intention is to publish as soon as possible, but that does not mean
that we are not willing to undertake a process of further significant


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Phil Tetlow wrote:
> Jeremy,
> Many thanks for your kind offer. Our aim is indeed to seek direction for
> this, and similar notes, at the F2F, but  I am, however, unsure if the
> outcome of group note review is supposed to be as clinical as a 'yes' or
> 'no' answer. I look to Guus and Ralph for direction here.

Of course more detail is required ... but publication ends up as a
yes/no decision - a typical review ends up as a 'yes but ...'

It's helpful to know whether the editors believe this is ready for
publication, or in other words is the question of publication on the
agenda for the F2F.


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