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At 18:43 +0000 18-11-2004, Andreas Harth wrote:
>I did some fact-finding related to WordNet.
>* Investigate fr in the prolog, find examples, etc.
>The fr relation relates verb synset_ids to sentence frames.
>A sentence frame can be for example "1 Something ----s",
>"2 Somebody ----s", or "3 It is ----ing".  Sentence frames
>are documented in [1].
>So one example would be synset_id 202689066 (become clear;
>"The sky cleared after the storm"), consisting of words
>(clear_up, clear, light_up, brighten).  The associated
>sentence frames for synset_id 202689066 are "1 Something ----s"
>and "3 It is ----ing".

yes, now this is encoded in the last version (3) of the OWL WordNet 
datamodel, which you can download from:, together other OWL 
stuff and papers related to the TF plan

>* Investigate maintenance policy re synset IDs
>I haven't found anything in the official documentation regarding
>the maintenance policy of synset IDs.  However, it seems that the
>synset IDs change across versions.  For example,
>synset_id 202689066 in WordNet 2.0 was synset_id 202187270 in
>WordNet 1.7.1, and 201893399 in Melnik's WordNet/RDF version.

in the last update of the WordNet site, the mappings between each 
pair of WordNet versions are downloadable (they are made by Rigau's 
group in Spain.

BTW, you may be interested in joining the WNET telecon next week: 
I'll send the details tomorrow.



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