Re: [PORT] SKOS Core Guide to 1st WD - target is a WG Note

At 06:13 PM 2/8/2005 +0000, Miles, AJ (Alistair) wrote:
>I propose to move the SKOS Core Guide [1] to first working draft status.

I omitted the second point I had intended to make.

It is important that the Working Group state -- in the Status of this Document
section -- what it intends to be the end result of this Working Draft.  For
example, the OEP Working Drafts say

  "This document is intended to be a part of a future W3C Working
  Group Note that will provide an introduction and overview of all
  ontology design patterns..."

The key words there are "future W3C Working Group Note".

No one remembered to raise this question at the last WG telecon,
and as the Task Force did not specifically suggest that it wants
SKOS to be considered for proposal as a W3C Recommendation,
I am guessing that most folk assumed that the SKOS documents
were also headed to become WG Notes.

Please add another sentence to the second paragraph of the Status
section indicating (for example) that this document is intended to be
part of a set of W3C Working Group Notes describing a simple
vocabulary for expressing controlled vocabularies.

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