re: [VM] [ALL] TR: Extended Metadata Registry (XMDR) Project

Bernard Vatant wrote:
>Dear all
>Find below the beginning of a message I received today from Bruce
>E. Bargmeyer (LBNL, Chair of ISO SC32) about the XMDR project. See in
>I think this is of interest for our WG, and that we should welcome
>Bruce and other folks from XMDR to join our efforts.

Coincidentally, I will be attending sessions concerning XMDR and the
related Asian effort (ISO 19763 Framework for metamodel
interoperability mentioned at the link above) at next month's SC32/WG2
meeting in Washington.  My role will be to represent the OMG ODM
activity, so any official relation to SWBPD would be, at best,

Even so, perhaps I could provide observations on the relationship of
these groups following the meeting.  What relationship did you
envision between SWBPD and the XMDR activity?


Received on Friday, 29 October 2004 19:14:25 UTC