[VM] [ALL] TR: Extended Metadata Registry (XMDR) Project

Dear all

Find below the beginning of a message I received today from Bruce E. Bargmeyer (LBNL,
Chair of ISO SC32) about the XMDR project. See in particular

I think this is of interest for our WG, and that we should welcome Bruce and other folks
from XMDR to join our efforts.


-----Message d'origine-----
De : Bargmeyer [mailto:bebargmeyer@lbl.gov]
Envoyé : vendredi 29 octobre 2004 07:51
À : 'Bernard Vatant'; 'Stefan Jensen'; 'Gail Hodge (E-mail)'; 'Larry
Fitzwater (E-mail)'
Cc : Bruce Bargmeyer; Frank Olken; John L McCarthy; Kevin D. Keck
Objet : RE: semantic web best practise group


I am very interested in engaging the work of the SWBPD group. I believe that
the work LBNL is doing on the XMDR project (see http://xmdr.org) would be
quite relevant to the group. Some of the Ecoterm group are already involved
in this effort and we expect to engage others soon.

One way of looking at the XMDR project is that we are developing a semantics
server for the semantic web or for semantic grids. This year we are looking
at extending ISO/IEC 11179 metadata registries to capture complex
concept/terminology structures. Next year we hope to look at a service
oriented architecture for this.


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