minor Ontology Definition Model update


As touched on at yesterday's telecon, there have been a few
developments which those involved in a reviewing the OMG ODM should be

1) The ODM submitters have decided to downgrade the base Description
Logic metamodel to an informative annex at best.  Contrary to what is
shown in the current published draft, it will not be used as a hub for
mapping between metamodels.  OWL Full may take on this role or the
role may be dropped altogether.

2) The MOF Query, Views, and Transformation (QVT) specification
-needed for defining mappings in ODM- is converging.  There is now a
single submitter group for this specification and they have tenatively
agreed to a syntax for declaritive mappings.  Also, it appears that
the DSTC specification and tooling [tefkat] for a QVT-like facility
can be used prior to an adopted QVT specification as it is similar and
a migration path is promised.

3) A final proposal for ODM will be pushed back further at the
upcoming meeting.  New deadline to be in early 2005 (exact date will
be available after the meeting in early November).

4) AT&T has developed a new version of their DUET tool that translates
between UML (in XMI exchange form) and OWL, and works with recent
versions of Poseidon.  It is available for download from [codip],
although the user interface is primitive and some work (and knowledge
of UML tooling) will be required to employ it.

[tefkat] eMOF model transformation engine

[codip] DUET download


Received on Friday, 15 October 2004 19:46:07 UTC