RE: XML Schema Datatypes + Semantic Web

Thanks for the update.

I have recently renewed the call for participation in this TF to the working
group.  We should have information for you after our next telcon (this

Best regards,
David Ezell

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Subject: XML Schema Datatypes + Semantic Web

Hello again,

I have worked through your various comments, and have updated the Task 
Force description, now at:

The Component Designators is highly relevant, as are some of the 
XPath/XQuery documents. We have had some conversations with the 
XPath/XQuery people, but it seems that they are bandwidth limited, and 
would rather comment on documents, than participate in the task force 

So, I repeat the invitation to you to join in this TF. I am currently 
expecting to produce a very rough sketch of a first note to be discussed 
at the SW Best Practices + Deployment WG F2F 1st and 2nd Nov, hopefully 
proceeding to publication shortly after. The goal of this publication is 
to generate public feedback on the two issues, and potential solutions.

It would be possible to dial in to the relevant sessions of the F2F meeting.

Are any XML Schema WG partipants interested in any of:
- participating in TF
- helping co-ordinate TF
- attending F2F session (either remotely or in person, Bristol UK)


Jeremy Carroll

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