Re: [ALL] Agenda 14 Oct Telecon 1800UTC

David Wood wrote:
> AGENDA  Teleconference
> W3C Semantic Web Best Practices & Deployment Working Group
> 14 October 2004, 1800 UTC
>        1100 (West US)
>        1400 (East US)
>        1900 (London)

Probable regrets ... :(

My action status
>     ACTION: jjc to update f2f by tuesday next


>     ACTION: Jeremy to check semantics on DAWG use of XSD in abstract
>         query model.

done - not sure if I reported to WG, there was very little to check.

>     ACTION: jjc make a first sketch of short guideline note for
>         using xml schema datatypes (in rdf/owl)


>     ACTION: jjc to send message to XSLT wg and query

done + conversation

>     ACTION: jjc to send message to xmls wg

just done today

> 7.4 XML Schema datatypes (Jeremey)
> Request from Jeremy:

Really the TF participants should try looking at some of the various 
docs in the now rather too extensive reading list.



be copied into the web space as the TF charter ... two outstanding 
changes are adding test cases as explicit deliverable and adding Jeff 
Pan to participants list (very welcome addition, given Jeff's expertise 
in this area)


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