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SWBPD Kickoff meeting
W3C Tech Plenary, Cannes
4-5 March 2004

IRC logs:

contains also:
- list of participants
- task-force list with results of straw polls
- task force coordinator list


RESOLVED: Dan Connolly will lead the RDF-XHTML task force for at least 
two weeks

RESOLVED add to the TF list an item "how to cope with evolving ontologies"
See also: W3C namespace policy:

RESOLVED Deb and Chris to corun "Design Patterns and Issues"

RESOLVED JeremyC to lead XML schema datatype after May

RESOLVED OscarC to lead "Tools page" and/or "education"

RESOLVED BernardV takes the initial lead for "Link to TopicMaps"

RESOLVED MarcoN takes initial lead for "Links to MPEG"

RESOLVED AldoG to take lead w.r.t WordNet task force.

RESOLVED to use the "ALL" label for list messages all the WG should read.
   (When replying edit the title, if appropriate)

RESOLVED to use the "anybody subscribed to any W3C mailing lists can post"

RESOLVED: to have telcons at 1500Z thursdays for the 1st 2 months.


ACTION: danbri send msg to public-esw-thes letting them know BDP WG is
considering work in thes2rdf area

ACTION DanB: investigate publication of Turtle as SWIG note

ACTION ChrisW present his time ontology in the next telecon

ACTION GuusS asking JimH whether he's wanting to coordinate "Worldview 
Note" TF

ACTION JJC: send to the WG list an example of using www-archive (and perhaps
some relevant advice)

ACTION RalphS: add attachment policies to list archive cover page
W3C Guidelines for Email Attachment Formats

ACTION Guus: forward some tips for scribes (from Dan to webont)

ACTION DanBri: ask SemWeb CG about constraints and advice re WD, Note, etc.

ACTION: Bernard to draft a message to be sent from this WG to ISO Topic Maps
community for discussion at an upcoming teleconference [6]

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