Re: UnitDim: an ontology of physical units and quantities

Evan, I tried and 
then got

nifty ontology :)

Jos De Roo, AGFA
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16/12/2004 22:05

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        Subject:        Re: UnitDim: an ontology of physical units and quantities

Hajo Rijgersberg wrote:
>One of the requests in this working group has been on ontologies for 
>physical units and measures. We have developed UnitDim, an ontology of 
>units, quantities and related topics. Guus Schreiber suggested to submit 
>this work in this field as a candidate ontology for W3C. The work has 
>been done in the framework of a large industrial project on e-science 
>in The Netherlands called Virtual Lab e-Science. The ontology is quite 
>comprehensive and considers about 200 quantities and 300 units. UnitDim 
>and a descriptive document can be found at:
>, Sec. News
>No login is required to access that section on this web-site.
>We would be pleased if you consider this ontology for reviewing and look 
>forward to your comments and suggestions. 

I tried to access this link with three different browsers and encountered
three different behaviors.  IE seemed to get close, but I still couldn't 
get past the login screen (at least I got one, which was not the case with
Netscape).  Please provide all the information needed to access this
ontology if you wish it to be reviewed.


Evan K. Wallace
Manufacturing Systems Integration Division

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