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Just to back Bernard up on this, and point the WG to a write up I did of the
ECOTERM workshop (which includes links to related resources):


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Subject: ECOTERM - RE: [THES] drafting Thesaurus TF overview

At the workshop announced in the below message, we had the opportunity, with
Miles, to present ongoing work in the SW, including SWBPD and SWAD Europe,
and relevancy
of SW technologies to deal with the environment terminology issues. There
was a great
interest in those presentations from workshop participants (40-50 people).

The output of this very fruitful meeting was the creation of a new entity
called ECOTERM
(legal status and charter pending) of which objective will be to provide
tools and
framework for coordination, interoperability and availability on the Web of
KOS legacy
(thesauri, vocabularies, ontologies ...) in the domain of environment at

Most interestingly, part of the consensus was to consider Semantic Web
technologies and
languages as most relevant tools to achieve those goals, and interest in
cooperation/liaison with SWBPD WG has been formally expressed in the meeting
agreement document.

IMO, this is an extremely interesting opportunity to test SW in a large,
real world,
multilingual, multidisciplinary and general interest use case.

To be continued ...

Bernard Vatant
Senior Consultant
Knowledge Engineering
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> Dan
> Please count me in the potential participants for this TF.
> FYI I am invited to speak, among other topics, about Thesaurus, Ontologies
and Semantic
> Web, at the Environmental Thesaurus/Terminology Workshop organized in
Geneva by UN
> Environment Programme Regional Office of Europe, next week (April 14-15).
BTW this
> conflicts with next WG meeting :(
> See
> This workshop will focus on integration of environment terminologies and
> thesauri provided
> by UN organizations such as FAO (AGROVOC Thesaurus), UNEP (ENVOC
Thesaurus), UNESCO ...
> and European Agencies like EEA (GEMET Thesaurus), and relevant
technologies for such an
> integration. Representatives of those organisations, and more, will be
present, and I
> think it's a good opportunity for outreach. I hope to bring some people
from there into
> the game, or at least making them more aware of what it is about.
> Consider it as a preliminary action I take for this TF :)
> Bernard Vatant
> Senior Consultant
> Knowledge Engineering
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> > Objet : [THES] drafting Thesaurus TF overview
> >
> >
> >
> > I have begun fleshing out the template for a thesaurus task
> > force. The URI is
> > although it looks someone close to the original template.
> >
> > I've drafted some objectives, short-term and long-term (the
> > latter in terms of document outputs).
> >
> > If you send comments, please cite version number.
> >
> > I don't have a list of members yet. Who would like to
> > participate in this TF?
> >
> > Dan
> >
> >

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