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Re: [OEP] Summary please

From: Guus Schreiber <schreiber@cs.vu.nl>
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 17:14:05 +0200
Message-ID: <408E78BD.60703@cs.vu.nl>
To: public-swbp-wg@w3.org

> From: Jeremy Carroll <jjc@hplb.hpl.hp.com>
> Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 11:41:58 +0200
> To: "Uschold, Michael F" <michael.f.uschold@boeing.com>, "Natasha Noy" <noy@SMI.Stanford.EDU>
> Cc: "Aldo Gangemi" <a.gangemi@istc.cnr.it>, <welty@us.ibm.com>, "Nicola Guarino" <guarino@loa-cnr.it>, <public-swbp-wg@w3.org>, <rector@cs.man.ac.uk>
> I've noted but not read the large amount of traffic for the OEP TF.
> Personally I would appreciate a summary of the progress the TF has made, and
> it would be nice before the telecon.
> If you are still in mid-discussion then maybe another time (or a very short
> summary indicating the topics being pursued).

I support this idea. Natasha already promised a revised 
"classes-as-values" note for the next telecon. Mike/Deb, could you 
provide a summary of the other OEP debates for discussion on the telecon.

I would like to have a discussion on the telecon for the short-term 
results we could produce in OEP, next to the classes-as-values note.


> Jeremy

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