My name is Benjamin Booth. I am the webMethods representative to the
Semantic Web Services Best Practice WG. I have spent the last four years
working for webMethods as a Senior Software Engineer in our Integration
Technology Group.  I specialize in graphical user interface applications and
frameworks.  I'm currently on loan to our Advanced Technology Group where I
very involved in an effort advance our cross-product metadata models.

I am a new participant in W3C and also a member of the Web Ontology WG.

I have been tracking various Semantic Web specification efforts (RDF, OWL)
for some time and I'm looking forward to figuring out how my current work
efforts might contribute to these areas.

I agree to participate per the charter, 

Benjamin David Booth
bbooth at webmethods dot com 

Received on Thursday, 15 April 2004 01:24:55 UTC