RE: [WRLD] issue from Jena-dev

Interesting question. I think that the ideal solution is to develop and run algorithms that identify which subset of the language is being used. I don't know a lot about this kind of work, but I believe some has been done [e.g. for optimization purposes], and in some cases it would not be that hard.


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The following came up on Jena-dev, with the refrain "that sounds like a job 
for best practices" ... (not exactly)

given an arbitrary source of semantic
web data on the 'net, what *is* the best practice for determining which
semantic-web language and encoding is being used?
(e.g. use OWL Full or DL or RDFS semantics)

It's not clear to me if this fits under the WorldView TF or not, maybe we 
need an issue list, as suggested by Brian, to keep track of public 
questions that we may or may not answer. Maybe we need an e-mail list for 
people to raise such questions (or do we want to encourage questions to be 
sent to this list by anyone, like www-tag).

If we do end up with an issue list, Ian Dickinson is the issue raiser.


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