Re: [WRLD] Some few questions about the formal description of the ? TF

On Mon, Apr 05, 2004 at 12:38:20PM -0400, Jim Hendler wrote:
> >> Rather than: "there are three or more languages and this is
> >> how they differ."
> actually, I think this is the right track -- to present it as one 
> langauge overall - I'm not sure calling that langauge "OWL" is really 
> right -- seems to me RDF is the right name -- that is RDF used in the 
> "generic" sense the way "XML" is used to refer to XML, Xquery, XML 
> Schema, ...  

I agree.  RDF has been around for longer and has better
name recognition.  Far better to say: "RDF is getting better,
stretching its wings, etc" than to unintentionally imply that
RDF is becoming obsolete (as in "Tired: RDF. Wired: OWL.").


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