Re: ALL: agenda April 1 telecon

Hi all, regrets for today's telecon. I got sick and cannot stay reasonably in 
my office until tonight (I hoped to get better until now, but frankly my vocal 
features are too dimmed :)).
I'll try to use IRC from home and scatter some comments here and there. 

Concerning my actions:

At 17:29 +0200 31-03-2004, Guus Schreiber wrote:
>  ACTION: aldo describe Wordnet TF
>ACTION: aldo e-mail WordNet update to mailing list

>4.2 WORDNET (15 min)

>Aldo's outline:
>plus the thread following

>Discussion points:
>- scoping issues
>- short-term actions

see separate message in which I also comment on Guus' short note.

Please apologise

Aldo Gangemi
Research Scientist
Laboratory for Applied Ontology
Via Nomentana 56, Rome, Italy

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