Re: Draft SVG Community Group charter for discussion [via SVG Community Group]

Hello again,

If you've been meaning to read through the proposed SVG CG charter ( to make comments,
please do so by April 11.

After that, I'll be starting the one-week formal decision process (as
outlined in that charter), asking you to vote to officially adopt it for
the group.

I've created two issues on the Charter Drafts repo for items already
discussed by email:

   - Defining incubation (#200)
   - Dependencies & Liasons: explicit list or by reference to SVG WG? (#201)

Please add comments to either of those, or create a new issue if you have
other concerns or suggestions.

I'll be making final edits & sending out the call for consensus starting on
April 12 (next Friday, North American time). I'll use the W3C's “Web-Based
Straw-Poll” (WBS) system to get your votes.

I'm planning to include a few optional questions in the WBS poll, for
getting to know you and what you want from the community group. Let me know
before then if you have any suggestions for questions to ask your other CG

PS: We've now got 32 group members
<>. But we could always use
more! Tell your friends, tell your colleagues, tell the person who's always
complaining about how SVG isn't good enough & how the working group never


Received on Thursday, 4 April 2019 19:24:42 UTC