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My name is Peter Krautzberger and I work for MathJax <>,
an open source JavaScript library for rendering mathematical content on the
web. In particular, MathJax can serve as a polyfill for MathML.
Accessibility is very important to us and we work with existing math
accessibility solutions to ensure MathJax output is accessible.

My main interest stems from the fact that math content is often mixed or
embedded in graphical content (in particular in a scientific context).
There already are third party plugins for MathJax doing this and there's
interest from the publishing side, in particular for ebooks.

I'm here to learn about accessible SVG, to make sure our future development
is up to speed, and to learn how to contribute to a W3C community group.

I'm @pkrautz on twitter and can be found
elsewhere<>as well.


On Fri, Sep 6, 2013 at 9:36 AM, Jeff Coburn <> wrote:

> I'll keep the introductions going.
> I'm Jeff Coburn, I build websites for the Institute for Community
> Inclusion at the University Of Massachusetts, Boston. I mostly do frontend
> stuff but because we have a small department (2), I crash around the
> backend and pretend to be a manager as well. We've been trying to do some
> work in accessible data viz lately, which led me to the Open Data Viz
> Conference in Boston where I met Doug. I'm here to learn about accessible
> SVG (and SVG in general), learn how W3 community groups work, and lend a
> hand where I can.
> I'm @coburnicus on the twitters and other places.
> peace
> coburnicus out
> On September 6, 2013 at 4:17:37 AM, Léonie Watson ( wrote:
> "I'd like to get this group started with some introductions. Could you
> each please write a short email introducing yourself, what you do for a
> living, where you work, etc.?"
> I work for The Paciello Group (TPG) as an accessibility engineer, and with
> the British Computer Association of the Blind (BCAB) in my spare time. I'm
> based in the UK, and have been working in web development and/or
> accessibility since about 1997.
> Contact details, links to blog etc. here:
> I use Jaws/NVDA on the desktop, and VoiceOver on iOS, which puts me
> squarely in the "can test, will test" category. Amongst other things I'm
> part of Freedom Scientific's Jaws beta testing programme, so may be able to
> file SVG related bugs.
> My SVG knowledge is theoretical rather than practical. It's somewhat
> unrewarding to code something without being able to get at the result!
> Perfectly happy to code what/where I can though, and also to write use
> cases/requirements.
> Unless the gods of trans-Atlantic travel smile on me, it's unlikely I'll
> be able to make it to the Bay Area in October though.
> --
> Carpe diem.
> Léonie.

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