Re: Updating Timeline?

Doug Schepers:
> One of my colleagues pointed out that our timeline [1] was hopelessly
> out of date (which is pretty typical for a WG, but still not ideal).
> I updated it with some rough estimates, but we may wish to try to come
> up with better dates.  We should collaborate with the CSS WG to do so,
> for our shared deliverables.  This is not a high priority, but should be
> done when we feel we have a better grasp on what real timelines may be
> for each spec.

Thanks for updating it.  I think we should have a discussion about the 
specs other than SVG 2 and the FX ones which are being actively worked 
on currently:

* SVG Parameters
* SVG Integration
* Color Management
* Masking and Clipping
* Compositing
* Tiling and Layering
* Vector Effects
* SVG Accessibility

Or if not a discussion, at least an update from the editors of each one 
to see what the current state is, what we can do to help the specs along.

BTW, the roadmap says January 2012 for the FPWD of Masking and Clipping, 
but I couldn't find the published document.  Did we do this?

Received on Thursday, 14 June 2012 04:36:22 UTC