SVG at Test The Web Forward


As you know, I'm presenting at Adobe's Test the Web Forward event next 

There are over 120 people attending this event, who will be there to 
help make tests for W3C specs.  It's a great idea.

I just had a call with Peter Linss and Chris Lilley about the test 
framework and what my presentation should feature.

We agreed that since most people aren't as familiar with SVG as with 
CSS, the most likely tests we will get them to contribute are those that 
are shared between SVG and CSS, such as the FX TF deliverables 
(specifically Filters, Transforms, and Compositing, and maybe Animation 
and Transitions), and CSS features as applied to SVG rather than HTML 
(e.g. opacity and HSLA, and so on).

We thought that the best outcome might be for us to provide 5-10 good 
examples of tests we want, for use as templates, and ask them to help 
iterate on those, along the lines of a set of features they could test. 
  So, maybe we make 2-3 good Filters examples, and ask them to extend 
those to other filter types, or we make a scale transform test, and 
suggest that they do similar ones for translate, rotate, skew, and so 
on, or variations on different values.

Do people like this approach? If so, what tests should I use as 
templates, and what variations should I suggest?


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