Closing ACTION-2947: Propose wording for highlighting and :target


ACTION-2947: Propose wording for highlighting and :target

There was only one occurrence of highlight in the linking chapter.

I split out the wording about highlighting to a new section, and added a suggestion to use the CSS3 :target selector (this was not in CSS 2.1). I also added an informative reference to CSS3 selectors.

For SVG2, I suggest we keep the same wording but make support of :target a normative requirement. I don't want to add that to 1.1 at this late stage, so its just an informative note.

Old text:

Indicates the target object associated with the view. If provided, then the target element(s) will be highlighted.

New text:

Indicates the target object associated with the view. 

Highlighting views

It is helpful to users if the target element(s) are highlighted. The visual styling of this highlight should be decided by the document author, because the SVG User Agent has no way to determine what changes would make the elements more visible.

The CSS :target selector ([Selectors], section 6.2.2) may be used in a stylesheet to provide alternate styling for elements which are the target of links. For example:

<style type="text/css">
#foo:target {filter: url(#glow)}
/* when the element with id foo is linked to, use a glow filter */

.bar :target {stroke: green; fill-opacity: 0.5}
/* when any descendants of elements with class bar are linked
   to, make the fill partly transparent and use a green stroke */

:target {stroke: red }
/* for everything else, just use a red stroke */ 

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