Re: summary of tests with fewer than two passing implementations

Alex Danilo:
> Without looking in detail, hard to check but most likely candidates
> are:
> animate-elem-46-t.svg
> fonts-desc-04-t.svg
> fonts-desc-05-t.svg
> fonts-glyph-02-t.svg
> fonts-glyph-03-t.svg (ambitious, but you never know...)
> text-altglyph-02-b.svg
> text-dom-04-f.svg (Nothing like aiming for Plane-1...)
> text-dom-05-f.svg

Sounds good; I’d be happy to keep all of these with two passing
implementations, except perhaps animate-elem-46-t: I think there is
sufficient ambiguity around whether to interpolate the animation that we
should just remove that subtest.

Cameron McCormack ≝

Received on Thursday, 17 February 2011 05:13:01 UTC